Formulate and order
your animal feed ingredients
on a mobile phone

  • Make Money 50% more profit with least cost formulation* of diets

  • Save Money Order best priced feed raw materials and additives

  • Create Efficiency Seamlessly connect farmers and suppliers in a marketplace

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Simple user experience with intelligent backend for least cost feed conversion calculations

Shamba is a platform that enables precision distributed farming. Our technology provides farmers with the synchronization needed to gain the efficiencies to compete through cooperation, aggregating the supply and demand, and making for a more predictable market for demand side planning. Shamba’s first application guides, tracks and coordinates the poultry farmers by optimizing the yield for improved productivity.

Bringing high-end technology to the emerging markets

First to market in emerging markets

intelligent feed calculator app with smart marketplace

Data Driven

AI/ML tools with algorithms that drive decision making

Market Efficiency

when selling, buying and delivering farming products and inputs

Environmental Sustainability

AI/ML tools with algorithms that drive decision towards environmental sustainability


Shamba will give me the most cost efficient diets for my broilers using the best available local ingredients. Best of all, using FarmBook I can make an order direct from my suppliers. I can’t wait to use it

Rose Sweya,

King Chick, Tanzani

Shamba will help me easily calculate the least cost formulation based on the ingredients available. Most importantly, it will optimise the amount of additives required to maximise my Feed Conversion Rate and save me money.

Dr . Bernard, General 

Manager AgroVet, Uganda